CY01 ROKFC Multi-Story Family Housing (60 Units), Phase 1, Yongsan Garrison, Korea

Project Information

This project constructs 60 Family Housing dwelling units for field grade officers with primary parking under the building and a secondary covered parking structure at south post, Yongsan Garrison. Due to the limited area available, high-density construction is required with elevator access and a fire protection sprinkler and alarm system. The project will provide central hot water, heating and air conditioning, for buildings and telephone/TV systems. Supporting facilities include underground utilities, gas utility, earthwork, grading, parking, tot lots, playgrounds, basketball courts, walks, curbs and gutters, area lighting, signage, landscaping, and drainage. Six (6) buildings will be demolished, including removal and disposal of asbestos. The structures are designed to be resistant to progressive collapse due to a 50 lb bomb placed in parking or trash containers and 220 lb. vehicle bomb threat at the perimeter fence.

USAG Yongsan Garrison
Public & Community

용산 미군 가족 주거 60 Units, 1단계


The purpose of the Contractor Quality Control Plan is to establish and maintain an effective quality control system to provide plans, procedures and organization required to deliver the family housing apartments that complies with the contract requirement in all respect. The system shall cover construction operations to be performed both at on site and off site and shall be keyed to the various section of the technical specifications. The system shall consider the proposed construction sequence, inspection, and verification of work at all sources and all supplies or services, either within the contractor’s facility or off-site.


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